How my Timehop proves I've been ministering to myself

How my Timehop proves I’ve been ministering to myself

I’ve been using Timehop all year. It’s fun to see what I said or did years ago on a specific date. Some days, there’s tons of laughter, pain, political opinions and tons of food pics.

Ha…food pics/posts are everyday, who am I fooling.

With all of the memories, I noticed one theme mixed in…I have been ministering to myself to get to this very moment.


Well, every morning that I check timehop, my circumstances are almost identical. However, the message that I would leave to myself is usually how I felt on the current day.

Lets take this morning as an example and 3 pics, in particular…

sleep1 year ago

This was the first pic that was shown in Timehop. Well, this was stated when I was still working at CareerBuilder. They would allow me to work from home some days. That was a treat.

As you know, or not, I am now an entrepreneur working from home full-time. Minutes before checking the app, I sent this text to my friend, “I’m still in bed. Didn’t realize how tired I was from all of the stress of things this month. Slept through the night and still in bed. I have to get up at some point lol”

I have been dealing with some things that had me stressed and not my peaceful, positive self. Last night, I decided to let it all go and I slept the entire night and BEYOND my normal alarm. This may not seem like much, but wait until the next two memories.


blocked2 years ago

I posted this status. This very thing thought is how I felt last night when I released the stress of situations I had been struggling with. I was trying to force things that God did not have for me, in the moment.

I was trying to control the outcome, thinking I could control my reaction. I was wrong. God had other plans and I had to surrender. I had to remember that delay is not denial. Blocking now is only putting me in a position for greater. He hit me with the, “Chile, Sit DOWN!” I did and I got the best sleep in over the last month.


stress2 years ago, later that day

Real Talk Kim posted this that night. I don’t know exactly what I was dealing with then, but over the last month…this explained my night routines. I was going to sleep with all of the drama from the day, all of the worry for the future, and wondering why in the moment I didn’t have what I asked for.

Silly girl. I was so caught up in the past and future that I missed ONE THING…the current moment. No matter the stress of it all, in every moment, I had ALL that I needed. I was not lacking, but I wasn’t content.

I was failing to see the blessing in all that I had because I was losing faith for all that God had promised. I kept asking questions.

Why isn’t it happening now? Why do I have to wait? I’m ready! This isn’t fair. Why, God?

All of this showed that I didn’t trust Him to work things out for my good. I had no patience and I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t until last night that I accepted this message.

I made the decision to continue to do my job and allow God to work out the rest. I am content with my RIGHT NOW! I know that God’s timing is best.

He’s intentional. Never Failing. All things are working for my good.

Sing it with me…


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