4 months and counting...

4 months and counting…

4 months and counting

It has been 4 months since I decided to be my own BAWSE. As mentioned before, it was super scary and I was hesitant. However, I had to rely on my faith in God, and its proven to be a great decision. There have been some sketchy moments, but I pushed through.

During this time, I’ve been easing out of my comfort zone. I enjoy attending networking events and meeting new people. I even talk to the cable guy about what I do. I would shy away from the topic months ago.

Thanks to God, I’ve had new clients, repeat clients and countless leads. Even if I couldn’t help someone, it felt great for them to contact me; some have even referred friends. Every contact is important.

Recently, I attended a seminar about certificates, business structure and taxes. It was very informative. It opened my eyes to a lot of areas for opportunity. I am excited to explore. This should be an awesome

Cheers to 4 months and counting…Thank you, God. More, please.

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